The County Dance Centre

Ballroom And Latin American Dance School For Adults 
     Teaching in Bedford for over 35 years 


Fitsteps is a Ballroom and Latin based exercise class created by Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe from Strictly Come Dancing. It is a great all over body workout that combines the best known dances with proven exercise techniques to give you a fun filled workout that you won't even think of as exercise!!

No partner is needed and you don't have to have any dance experience. It doesn't matter what your fitness ability, there is a class is suitable for everyone!

FITSTEPS -  Waltz, Quickstep, American Smooth, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Paso Doble, Samba, Salsa, Charleston. - Low and High intensity moves. Slow and Fast pace, Great for Cardio and general all over body workout.

FITSTEPS FAB - Charleston, Foxtrot, Swing Jive, Bossa Nova, Argentine Tango, Disco and Jazz - low intensity. Slower paced. Great for EVERYONE!!!!!!

Tuesdays - 'The Cafe' at Trinity Arts & Leisure


£5.50 per person

A mixture of Fitsteps and FAB.
Workouts are set for an 8 week period so that the same dances and choreography are done for those 8 weeks. This gives you a chance to learn the routines easier and therefore giving you the ability to work harder

Contact Megan

No need to book for these classes but if you want anymore information then please ring/text me on 07908819244 or follow me Facebook or Twitter


in August 2015 we held a Fitsteps event where Natalie Lowe came and did a Fitsteps Masterclass.

We all had a fantastic time and Natalie was fabulous!!

Here are just a few shots from our day

150 people bought tickets to have a Fitsteps class with The lovely Natalie Lowe From Strictly Come Dancing




In June 2018 Megan celebrated 5 years of teaching Fitsteps with a Fitsteps masterclass by Ian Waite

Megan and a fellow Fitsteps instructor took to the stage first and gave a fantastic 40 minute session to 95 people using a few of their favourite dances from the 5 years. Ian then delivered an amazing hours class that really worked us hard but was loads of fun!

Here a few pictures of the day