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Ballroom, Latin, Sequence, Fitsteps and Freesyle For Adults and Children‚Äč

Teaching in Bedford for over 40 years 

Dance Tests are a great way to set yourself a goal in your dancing.

The start with very simple routines at Bronze level and get progressively more intricate as you go up the levels.

We are members of the IDTA and so we are examined by them.

The Ballroom and Latin dances are separated in to the 2 categories.

The levels are as follows

Social Award

Bronze (2 dances)

Double Bronze (2 dances)

Silver (3 dances)

Gold (4 dances)

Gold Bar 1

Gold Bar 2

Gold Bar 3

Star 1

Star 2

Star 3

Star 4

Star 5

There are even higher levels after this

you can also do tests in 1 dance such as Viennese Waltz or Argentine Tango

In order to take part in exams you will attend separate lessons to your general class where you will concentrate on just the medal work which will involve learning a set routine and the correct technique, actions and flair required for each grade.

tests sessions are organised once we feel everyone is well on their way to being ready and are normally on a Saturday afternoon. The examiner is sent from the IDTA and you go in one at a time to do your test. You will get your results as soon as the examiner has left.

If you feel you would like to do an exam then please talk to us in class or get in touch with us via the contacts page.



We had a great afternoon and everyone did their absolute best.

The children really took it seriously and dressed up, looked smart and danced beautifully. Our Adults also made an effort as usual and their dancing was brilliant.

All our social dancers (children and adults) passed their social awards.

All our adult grade exams got Highly Commended or Honours for their tests.

Megan, the school's principal, is continuing her studies and took her Licentiate Waltz test which she got a distinction for.

We couldn't be more proud of everyone and it continues our 100% pass rate for all Amateur Medal tests.