The County Dance Centre

Ballroom And Latin American Dance School For Adults 
     Teaching in Bedford for over 35 years 

About our classes

Beginners Workshops

Beginners Workshops run for either 3 or 4 weeks depending on the dances covered. Each workshop covers the basics of 2 dances, one ballroom and one Latin. We aim to help you feel confident in the basics of the 2 dances by the end of the workshop. 

Improver Workshops

Improver Workshops continue on from the beginners and cover the same dances. We aim to add in some new figures but also aim to improve general dancing. These workshops are numbered 1a-5a. an improver workshop an only be done if the equivalent beginner one been done or you are at the right level.

Workshop 1a - Social Foxtrot and Cha Cha Cha

Workshop 2a - Quickstep and Rumba

Workshop 3a - Waltz and Jive

 Workshop 4a - Tango and Samba

Workshop 5a - Foxtrot


Intermediates 1, 2, and 3 Classes

An intermediate class will have learnt all the basic steps from the Beginners level and will continue to improve their style and learn new figures in those dances. We also introduce new dances like the Tango and Samba and Salsa.

Most people become intermediate 1 after a term (roughly 12 weeks) depending on the classes ability. As you can see you are not a complete beginner for long!

We have 3 levels of intermediate, so we can always accommodate new people.

Intermediate 1 means you have done most if not all the dances and can do some figures in those dances. You would also be ready to learn the Basic Foxtrot.

Intermediate 2 means you have done quite a few figures in all the dances and have learnt the Basic Foxtrot

Intermediate 3 means you have done a lot of figures and amalgamations of figures and have learnt some extra things in the Foxtrot. We also start learning some technique to our dancing so that future, more advanced figures will be easier to achieve.


Advanced Classes

Advanced classes will deal with intricate figures and amalgamations as well as looking at technique and style. We believe that at this level you can not manage the advance figures without learning some sort of technique.

Medal Classes

Medal classes are for anyone from beginner level to advanced.  You will learn the technique, style and poise of all the dances which are important to achieve a medal. Working towards a medal means extra time and commitment but we still have fun!

We have a 100% Amateur test past rate and are very proud of all our medallist's no matter what the level.  

You can do Medals whether you have done a lot of dancing or not.

Argentine Tango Workshops

We currently offer a Beginners and Improvers Argentine Tango workshop. In the beginners workshop we teach you 3 very basic figures that will help you get to grips with Argentine Tango. We take them from the IDTA Argentine Tango syllabus.

In the improvers workshop we add 3 new figures to the ones done in the beginners workshop. These figures are slightly more tricky but also a bit more 'fancy'. 

Viennese Waltz Workshops

We offer 4 week Viennese waltz courses for any one who has done some dancing and wants to learn this beautiful dance. As it is not an easy dance we do recommend you have done some ballroom dancing before you attempt this. We aim to get you going round the room continuously and up to speed by the end of the workshop.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a 1 2 1 lesson with a teacher. People use private lessons for many reasons but the main ones are :-

* To learn something quickly

* To get a little extra help with something they are struggling with in their general class. 

* To learn a particular dance i.e. The Foxtrot

* To do extra work for their Medal Test

* To learn a wedding dance

Sequence Classes

Sequence Dancing is very popular and a lot of dances you go to these days are '50/50' i.e, they are half Ballroom and half sequence. Rather than sitting out because you don't know the sequence dances, come and join us and learn some of the more popular ones such as the Mayfair Quickstep, Catherine Waltz, Square Tango, Viennese Swing, Saunter Together etc etc.

Because Modern Sequence takes figures from the Ballroom and Latin dances, it is easier if you can already do a little bit of 'normal' Ballroom and Latin, however it isn't compulsory.

The list is endless and we will keep teaching what we think are the more popular ones or any that people in the class want to do.
New people are welcome to these classes at any time.
We have been known to do some of the classical sequence dances such as the Veleta and Lilac Waltz


Fitsteps is a Ballroom and Latin based exercise class created by Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe from Strictly Come Dancing. It is a great all over body workout that combines the best known dances with proven exercise techniques to give you a fun filled workout that you won't even think of as exercise!!

No partner is needed and you don't have to have any dance experience. It doesn't matter what your fitness ability, this class is suitable for everyone!

See the Fitsteps Page for more Info

Our Venues

Tavistock Community Centre
Tavistock Community Centre is situated behind Tavistock Street on Princes Street. The centre is opposite Queen Street Multi Storey Car park.
There is a small car park at the side of the centre. During the day the multi storey is free for the first 2 hours but closes at 8pm. In the evening there is a single yellow line on the road outside where you can park and the parking in the streets around is free after 6pm.

Cauldwell Community Centre
Cauldwell Community Centre is situated in Althorpe Street which is opposite the hospital in Ampthill Road. There is  fish and chip on the corner of Althorpe Street and the centre is at the bottom of the street. There is a big car park for this centre.

'The Cafe' Trinity Arts and Leisure
We use a room that is called The Café. This room is on the left hand side just before you go into the main building. There is lots of free parking but you must get a permit from reception. If you are coming to a regular class there every week then you can get a 12 month permit for that particular night. We will have these available at class.